We Are All Affected

The Conservative government is attacking our right to collective bargaining and our right to defend ourselves in the workplace.  We need to take action together to defend our rights. Get informed and organize your local.  The next round of bargaining will require all our efforts to maintain the historic gains our union has won.  

The Union of Northern Workers is a partner in the We Are All Affected campaign.  See the website. 

Bill C-4

Bill C-4 takes away the democratic rights of federal public sector employees and seriously undermines the health and safety protections in the Canada Labour Code covering workers under federal jurisdiction.

Bill C-377

Bill C-377 is a discriminatory, unconstitutional, invasive and poorly-drafted bill that was not needed in the first place. Conservatives claim that Bill C-377 is needed to ensure that unions are accountable about their finances. In fact, unions are already financially accountable, to their members. This bill is not about accountability but was designed to harass and weaken unions.

Bill C-525

Bill C-525 proposes to amend the union certification and revocation provisions of three important pieces of federal labour legislation. The law’s main purpose is to make it more difficult for workers to exercise their legal right to unionize, and to remain unionized.

The Assault on Sick Leave

Ottawa is taking a vicious line on negotiation of new sick leave conditions.  Banked credits would be eliminated, employees would have a maximum of five days sick leave per year--and pro-rated to diminish as the year goes on--and any sick leave above five days would be a mandatory seven days leave without pay.  The proposals are a ridiculous assault on the health of workers, and guarantee that workers will work sick and spread their illness.
Join in solidairyt in the National Days of Action on the 19th of each month from now to October 2015.  
Download resources for opposing the assault on sick leave.

Day of Action Flyer

Sick Leave Flyer