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By-Laws and Regulations

The Bylaws of the UNW are the rules under which the union operates.  By-laws are adopted and/or amended at the UNW Convention, which takes place every three years.  Changes to by-laws are brought forward to the convention by submitting resolutions.  The By-Laws also give authority to the Executive to set Regulations governing union policy and operations. Regulations can also be reviewed at conventions.

By-Laws           Regulations 

See the Public Service Alliance of Canada Constitution and Regulations for rules governing issues including collective bargaining processes.

Membership Forms

Membership Application and Self Identification Form

Change of Name and Contact Information Form

Special Projects Application and Reporting Form

Union Business and Leave Forms 

Request to Send Billing Authorization and Travel Request Letter to Employer

Information Letter for Employers--Billing Authorization and Travel

Members Travel Authorization-Expense Claim Form

UNW Course Registration Form