Northwest Territories Power Corporation

March 24, 2015 

Mitchell Touesnard and Les Watsyk, have joined Rob MacIntosh as new committee members and are now part of the Bargaining Team. Erna Post will be stepping in for Joshua Paddon as the PSAC negotiator.
Trudy Nelner remains the alternate to the Committee. 
The team would like to acknowledge the work and contributions of Terry LeBlanc and Drew Farmer.   
The next step in the bargaining process has been completed, Notice to bargain has been served to the employer. We are looking at tentative bargaining dates with the employer’s representative. We expect to get to the bargaining table as soon as scheduling permits. Once we have established dates, you will be advised so you can mark your calendar for a membership update on bargaining. As indicated in our last newsletter, information on bargaining proposals will be made available to the membership once bargaining has begun.
As you know, the current contract expired December 31, 2014.  While we are in bargaining, you should also know your rights continue to be protected and even though the contract has expired, your current collective agreement covering your working conditions and wages remains in force. 
Stay tuned, the Bargaining Team appreciates your patience, solidarity and support.

Sept. 9-10, 2014 Bargaining Conference

The Union bargaining conference took place in Yellowknife in September.  The negotiations are to replace the collective agreement which expired on March 31, 2014.  
Members of the bargaining conference elected the members who form the Union bargaining team.
Update on the beginning of bargaining will be posted as talks proceed.