Grievance Decisions

Grievance decisions provide important guidance on interpreting articles of collective agreements that have been controversial in the past.

The documents can be viewed either as a "Summary" or a "Full Decision". Unless otherwise noted the employer is the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) and references are to Articles in the Collective Agreement with the GNWT.

08-815 – Special Leave     Summary     Full Decision

08-744 – Termination     Summary     Full Decision

08‐728 Relief Workers’ Minimum Staffing--Standby Pay     Summary     Full Decision

08628 Step Increments     Summary     Full Decision

08588 Absent Without Leave     Summary     Full Decision

08-144-149-155-157 Accommodation, Discrimination, Medical Documentation, Termination     Summary     Full Decision

07-516 Relief Employees     Summary    Full Decision

06-142 Statutory Holiday Banked Hours     Summary     Full Decision

06-111 Letters of Reprimand     Summary    Full Decision

06-068 Abandonment of Position     Summary     Full Decision

06-087 Medical Travel Time     Summary     Full Decision 

05-503  Casual Employees - Statutory Holiday Pay     Summary     Full Decision 

05-616 Medical Travel     Summary     Full Decision

05-515  Rejection on Probation     Summary     Full Decision 

05-576 Maternity Parental Leave Allowance     Summary     Full Decision

05-627 Special Leave     Summary     Full Decision

05-545 Dismissal     Summary     Full Decision